Why is my computer screen so weird?

Answer Try connecting it to another monitor, if it works you know it was your monitor. But if it doesn't work then you need to replace the graphics card in your computer. Good Luck

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If you take a picture of a computer screen, why does it look weird?

It doesn't look weird if you know what you're doing ;-)Essentially, a TV screen doesn't display a steady image - dpending on the type of screen and the source (TV, DVD, bluray, game,...) it will di... Read More »

My computer screen has gotten some weird red tint. i have tried everything...HELP!?

One of the colors is probably out. Check the cable to make sure it's plugged in on both ends. If that doesn't work see if you can borrow another cable; if that one is good you probably have a bad... Read More »

Why is my computer screen acting weird (Pic Included)?

You need to specify what is wrong with your computer. Honestly, all I see is a cute baby on the screen.

My friends computer wont allow him to boot up, it only shows a black screen with weird text. What should he do?

unplug it for a while.then try again. mine does this might take a few trys