Why is my computer screen side ways?

Answer CTRL+ALT+up arrow key

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How do i make my computer screen go back to normal, it is side ways.?

Right click the desktop (normal background screen) click Properties, click Settings, click Advanced, click "NVIDIA [your model of video card here]" and there should be an option called NVRotate or ... Read More »

What cause the screen of the computer monitor to discolor on one side?

try this simple way just unplug your monitor for a long period a day or when you go to sleep , unplug the monitor both power cables and video cables then tomorrow reconnect it , if this not work, b... Read More »

Who's on the other side of that computer screen, personality wise?

Hmm, well, I'll start out with i have a temper, lol, and get angered easily, not one of my best features xD. I'm 23 years old, live in Seattle, Washington, I am of the democratic party, hence why I... Read More »

My computer screen has flipped 90 degrees so everything is now on its side can anyone help me get it back?

Here is simplest way...Press Alt and ctrl (of right side) and than press arrow keys will flip your screen in all four directions whichever you want you can select. you have four options up do... Read More »