Why is my computer screen green?

Answer Desktop and laptop video problems can become evident through several symptoms, such as lines on the screen or poor quality images. Color changes such as a shift to green or red are one of the most ... Read More »

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My computer screen has a green hue to it. How do I fix it?

Check the pins in the cable plugs and make sure that none are bent, damaged or missing. Remove and reset the monitor cable on both ends. If you are still getting it, you may have to change your m... Read More »

My computer got a green screen help?

Why does my computer screen turn green?

There are two things that are possible:A. your monitor cable has a broken wire (find a friend who will let you borrow a monitor, see if picture works now)B. your video card is screwed up(if the ima... Read More »

I have little bright green spots on my computer screen.?

Are you using a laptop or desktop? If you are on a laptop, plug it in to an external moniter. If it appears there than it my be a card issue, if not then it is just your laptop screen. If on a desk... Read More »