Why is my computer losing memory on the hard drive?

Answer What has probably happened is that Windows is making a shadow copy of your hard drive. In other words, it is making a duplicate image of your hard drive in case of system failure and loss of data.... Read More »

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How to Add Hard Drive Memory to Your Computer?

As hard drive manufacturers continue to increase the overall storage capacity of internal hard drives, it is becoming more common for home users to perform hard drive upgrades. These new hard drive... Read More »

How do i know how much memory my hard drive (on my computer) has?

Go to my computer-local disk :c-right click, and click properties-u should find all the info there

What do computer memory and hard drive mean?

A computer's memory refers to the device used to process and store digital data on a computer. Random Access Memory, or RAM, is composed of memory chips, and all data on the RAM is erased when a co... Read More »

Is you computer faster if u have a larger memory and/or hard drive?

add more RAM, it's the processor memory that you need to add more for speed not the hard drive. Good memory size hard drive memory is for storage, if you need to choose one, get more RAM memory