Why is my computer crashing?

Answer If it absolutely freezes(even the num lock light won't respond) it could be just about anything. I'd advise switching off the computer, unplugging it and ensuring that all hardware is seated secur... Read More »

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My computer keeps crashing?

did it crash into a brick wall lol did it skid befor it crashed you wernt drinking at the time were you or was it just a case of undue care and attention thanks for the giggle

;;How can i stop my adobe flash player from keep on crashing..?

uninstall the program... go to control panel > add/remove programs > and remove the program... and reinstall it....… or use the troubleshooting links on t... Read More »

Graphics Card for my computer keeps crashing after startup, help?

Your GPU idle temps are way off. Idle temperatures for a GPU shouldn't go above 50C.If the fans have not stopped working, then I suspect the only possible problem is that the thermal paste connecti... Read More »

How do I stop Google Earth from crashing my computer?

It's your video card that usually causes the problem. There's an option to run Google Earth in DirectX mode instead of OpenGL mode. That should help.You also might try using an older version of Goo... Read More »