Why is my chest hurting when I take deep breaths?

Answer I recommend that you see a doctor. It never hurts to be careful! All the best.

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I pulled something in my chest, since then I have had difficulty in taking deep breaths and feel lightheaded?

I'd see a doctor, but if it is muscular, you might have done something to an intercostal muscle, which is a muscle in between your ribs. Besides your diaphragm, those muscles help you breathe, so t... Read More »

Pain on movement or when taking in deep breaths on my upper right chest area....?

You have tight muscles in your back that are pressing into the nerves going around your body to send pains into the rib, chest or heart areas to cause pains there. As the spine moves it's intensif... Read More »

I feel sharp pain in my chest/ heart area when i move certain ways and take deep breaths?

Hi, it sounds very much like a muscle pain. It certainly does not sound like a heart attack. I get this from time to time as well and after a few days it tends to go away.A heart attack pain is mor... Read More »

Haveing to take deep breaths like sighing alot?

I have the same problem, I heard it can be caused from stress. But mine could either be from stress, or smoking cigarettes while I have asthma. So, in your case, most likely stress. I'd go to a spe... Read More »