Why is my cat vomiting often?

Answer The onset of chronic vomiting in cats can be a difficult situation for pet owners. Episodes of vomiting in felines can be caused by a number of conditions.Dietary CausesCats' eating habits can caus... Read More »

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If my wife is pregnant she gets violently ill with diarrhea and vomiting every so often then it goes away in a few hours what does this mean?

Answer She probably just has that instead of classic morning sickness. I had terrible diarrhea at night went away when i got into my 2nd trimester. Ask her doctor if you have any questi... Read More »

Why is it with men masturbating so often they don't lean towards tendinitis more often?

It takes longer than 90 seconds at a shot to develop tendonitis.

How often is too often to take a laxative to aid in weight loss?

Do you eat a little often or eat a lot, but eat less often?

I'm like you....I eat a little, often.I know eating breakfast is the most important meal.But if I eat a good breakfast, then I tend to not want anything else.So I think it's better to eat a little ... Read More »