Why is my cat urinating on my bed?

Answer While a cat who refuses to urinate in his litter box--and instead on your bed--can be quite a nuisance, this is a common feline behavior problem. It could be solved by making some small adjustments... Read More »

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Why is my cat urinating out of the cat box?

Your beloved feline friend has decided to urinate outside his litter box. This is troubling for several reasons, but discovering the cause of this new habit will help you remedy it.Privacy and Peac... Read More »

Why is my dog urinating in the crate?

Crate training can be an effective way to potty train a dog. The crate becomes a den for your dog, and dogs do not like to soil their dens. If your dog is urinating in his crate there is an explana... Read More »

What can you put on the floors to keep a cat from urinating on it?

Cats don't urinate on the floor out of spite or laziness. While putting repellents on the floor may keep the cat away, it may begin urinating in another spot. A more permanent solution is to resolv... Read More »

Why is my cat urinating on the furniture?

Cats don't urinate on a favorite chair or expensive sofa out of anger or spite. And while this behavior can be mystifying and even infuriating to humans, it seems perfectly logical to the cat.Other... Read More »