Why is my cat throwing up after giving birth?

Answer Anyone who has a cat knows that throwing up is part of the package. It may be a common occurrence, caused by hairballs or eating too fast. However, if the cat is a new mother, it could be more seri... Read More »

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Should you go to gym after giving birth?

Can you have oral sex after giving birth?

Actually, you need to have oral sex after giving birth. Your kitty will be out of commission for six weeks of so. If your husband is anything like mine he won't be able to last that long. From my e... Read More »

Will a mouse die after giving birth?

Not usually but just like humans they can have complications and die, it is not a common occurrence though.

Is it bad to have sex 6 days after giving birth?

Although there is no evidence that says sex soon after giving birth is bad, it generally takes the uterus about 6 weeks to return to its normal state so some officials say you should not have sex d... Read More »