Why is my cat sneezing frequently?

Answer Cats sneeze occasionally for the same reasons humans do. Inhaling something by accident while sniffing can cause a cat to sneeze, as can an irritant to the nasal passages. However, more frequent sn... Read More »

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Why Is My Dog Sneezing Blood?

A dog's nasal tissues are well supplied with blood vessels. They can also be sensitive, and can bleed easily from trauma or damage to the interior of the nose. If a dog is sneezing blood, a veterin... Read More »

Why is a cat sneezing and coughing?

Cats may sneeze and/or cough for a variety of reasons, ranging from the very simple to the fatal. Any unusual symptoms in an animal should always be carefully watched in order to ensure that proper... Read More »

Why a Dog Is Sneezing & Snorting?

Sneezing and snorting are common to all dogs, and normally do not present a health problem. The most common cause is "reverse sneezing." However, other causes may include canine influenza, distempe... Read More »