Why is my cat pulling out its own hair?

Answer Although it is perfectly normal for cats to clean themselves, over-grooming to the point where the cat is pulling out its own hair could be a sign that something is wrong.StressAccording to CatChan... Read More »

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My daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin!?

There is a name for what she does. It is called trichotillomania. People who have trichotillomania pull their hair out. I have known a number of kids who did this. Many experts believe that tri... Read More »

How to Stop Pulling Out Hair?

Trichotillomania is a mental, impulse control disorder that causes the sufferer to pull her hair out from the scalp and other areas of the body. This hair pulling often results in bald patches (se... Read More »

Instructions for Pulling Hair Back?

If you're a woman with long hair, you may spend a lot of time styling it and getting it to look just so, but often you don't have the time to do your hair, or you just want to get it out of your fa... Read More »

Reasons for a Rabbit Pulling Hair?

You may notice your rabbit has bald spots or is physically pulling out its own hair. This does not always mean there's a serious problem. Rabbits pull out their own hair for many reasons, such as t... Read More »