Why is my cat losing hair around its eyes?

Answer A cat's hair plays an important role in protecting its skin and keeping it healthy. If a cat is losing hair around its eyes, it could be a symptom of a medical problem.Cat HairA cat's coat is alway... Read More »

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Losing pigment in eyes?

Yes, pigment is what gives your eyes color like Insanity said. It has nothing to do with the cornea becoming cloudy or going blind. In fact, it shouldn't affect her vision at all. The reason tha... Read More »

Increased sensitivity to bright light, headache and "sad" eyes I'm losing my nerves, help maybe?

I don't really think lack of sleep causes sight detorriation but playing games for 10 hours and studying for the same amount is too long for your health. Eye strain is when making movement to the s... Read More »

What would the child look like if the mom had bleach blond hair and green eyes and the dad has brown hair and green eyes?

Well it definitely won't have bleach blond hair so i don't know why you didn't ask the question using the real hair colour because no one knows what colour it was. It is like asking if the child wo... Read More »

Why is my dog losing hair around her eye?

Because your dog cannot talk, you must watch her carefully for signs that she is unhealthy. If your dog is losing hair around her eye, she could be infected with mange or having an allergic reactio... Read More »