Why is my cat drooling after I put flea medication on her?

Answer Medications designed to kill off fleas on cats are made with toxins and insecticides. While they are not deadly for the cat, they can cause drooling and other symptoms if the cat licks off the medi... Read More »

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What is in flea medication?

Flea medication prevents fleas from infesting dogs or cats. The medicine can be given topically, orally or by flea collars or shampoos, and the different types can come with various ingredients tha... Read More »

Why can't i put dog flea medication on my cat?

The use of flea medication designed for dogs on your cat can be fatal to your pet because of the chemicals involved. It is important to know why you can't use dog medicine on your cat.SignificanceT... Read More »

Why is my dog scared of flea medication?

Our pets cannot explain why they react the way they do. Fortunately, we can make educated guesses. When a dog is consistently afraid of flea treatment, it is usually because of an unpleasant sensat... Read More »

Flea Medication & Puppies?

Fleas are one of the most annoying aspects of dog ownership. They make your puppy miserable, sometimes leading to excessive scratching. A flea population can easily infest your home if allowed to g... Read More »