Why is my cat coughing?

Answer While all animals are prone to coughing from time to time, persistent coughing in a cat can be a sign of a problematic medical condition. However, only your veterinarian can diagnose your furry fri... Read More »

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Is my sinus infection getting better, or worse Coughing up more crud, but coughing a lot less than I was...?

You're getting better. Never expect a cough to go away that soon no matter if you have antibiotics or not. A cough will last at least 2 weeks.

Why is my dog coughing?

Coughing in dogs can be caused by a number of issues, from illness to the dog having something caught in its throat. Repeated coughing should be checked by a vet.Kennel CoughKennel cough is an illn... Read More »

What Causes Sneezing & Coughing?

Sneezing and coughing are similar reactions that serve the same basic purpose for two different parts of the respiratory system. They're designed to keep this system as clear as possible, and to de... Read More »

Coughing up blood?

Well, LeviTosh, coughing blood can have many possible causes:tuberculosispneumonialung cancer bronchiectasislung cystsmitral stenosispulmonary embolismbroncholithiasisacute bronchitis and many othe... Read More »