Why is my car squealing?

Answer Most sounds audible to the human ear originate with something vibrating or rubbing against something else. This is an important fact to bear in mind when you're trying to diagnose that irritating s... Read More »

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How to Fix Squealing Brakes?

Squealing brakes can be an indication of worn brake pads or a symptom of another issue concerning your vehicle's braking system. Because the brakes are vital to safe motoring, attention should be p... Read More »

How to Fix a Squealing Belt in BMW X5?

Squealing belts in your X5 can commonly be caused by moisture in the engine bay or an unconditioned and worn belt. While there is not much one can do about the former, the latter can usually be res... Read More »

How to Fix Squealing Brake Pads?

The brake rotors on your vehicle should last as long as the vehicle itself, but the brake pads will need to be inspected or replaced occasionally. Squeaking brake pads are annoying but can be fixe... Read More »

How to Eliminate Brake Squealing?

Brake squeal by itself is not a serious problem, but it can be symptomatic of a problem that, if left unattended, could develop into a much larger issue. Squealing brakes are also annoying for the ... Read More »