Why is my car battery always dead?

Answer Car batteries are designed to store energy, a function difficult to perform if there's no new energy going in or too much going out. Although battery damage or age can play a role, these two chargi... Read More »

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My digital camera shuts off and always shows that it has a dead battery?

In working in a camera store i have had people ask me that and it was their battery source. Your camera probaly takes 2 aa batteries and when you put them in they dont work because the battieries a... Read More »

Eczema dead skin always on nose?

Nuke with betnovate, stick an alarm on your mobile to remind you to moisturise about 10 times a day.

Why does toner always seem to just go dead on one part of the cartridge?

charcinders : He said "Toner" not ink, so wiping the "nozzles" can't work, toner carts DO NOT have nozzles, they have a developer roller if they are a "one piece" cartridge, or it'll feed into a de... Read More »

How to Fix a Dead Car Battery?

If you notice electrical problems with your automobile, or if your automobile is having difficulty starting or is not starting at all, you may have a battery problem. A car's battery provides elect... Read More »