Why is my calf muscle sore just below the knee?

Answer Causes and treatment of leg pain varies based upon the specific area of the leg involved. Soreness in the calf muscle just below the knee is typically caused by one of a few common conditions.Muscl... Read More »

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How can you heal a lower back muscle sore and a slight hyperextended knee?

For your back I would recommend ice packs & baths. For the knee RICE. (rest, ice, compression, elevation)This shoulda been explained by ur coach and/or trainer.

Why does it hurt just below my knee cap?

Hi Pam,I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Knees are complex and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain. Knee injuries can be serious ranging from a sprain to a tear.Something def... Read More »

How to get rid of muscle knot just below my right shoulder?

Stretching will be one way. And massage it with Phiten Lotion.

I twisted my knee and I have developed edema in my calf and foot not the knee area. Could you recommend what t?

I cant give you an answer on why the swelling persists, but I can offer some suggestions for treatment. Ask your doctor about using a High Volt Electotherapy stimulator, to try to move the edema/fl... Read More »