Why is my bunny losing hair?

Answer Some fur loss in bunnies is not harmful, and is in fact normal. However, certain hair loss problems are cause for alarm and immediate proper diagnosis and treatment are required.Normal sheddingTwic... Read More »

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Why is my dog losing so much hair?

Your dog's coat continually renews itself, so the loss of some hair is normal. If your dog is losing more hair than usual, it could be a sign of a health problem.Dog HairYour dog's hair grows in a ... Read More »

How to Keep From Losing Your Hair?

Hair loss happens for a number of reasons ranging from stress to genetics. In order to maintain what hair you have and continue to promote hair growth, you have to take care of your hair. ... Read More »

Causes of Losing Hair?

Hair loss happens for a number of different reasons. Changes in hormone levels, poor nutrition, certain medications, and genetics all play a role. Poor hair care, including using poor-quality hair ... Read More »

Why am I losing so much hair :(?

There could be few reasons why your hair is coming out so much, but you should know that it is normal for your hair to come out. You actually lose 50 to 100 strands a day. If your hair is coming ou... Read More »