Why is my bunny losing hair?

Answer Some fur loss in bunnies is not harmful, and is in fact normal. However, certain hair loss problems are cause for alarm and immediate proper diagnosis and treatment are required.Normal sheddingTwic... Read More »

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Why is my pet losing hair?

Like humans, all domesticated pets from dogs to hamsters lose a small amount of hair on a regular basis due to the natural and constant cycle of hair growth. However, excessive hair loss can be ind... Read More »

Why is my dog losing her hair?

Dogs are great friends and some even become loyal members of the family. So what happens when one of the members of your family begins to lose their hair? Panicked and stricken with fear, a pet o... Read More »

Why is my dog losing his hair?

Many pet owners are alarmed when they find that their dogs are losing hair. But most conditions that cause hair loss in dogs are highly treatable and should not be cause for too much concern.TypesT... Read More »

Why is my dog losing its hair?

Noticing hair loss in your dog is usually not cause for alarm. Several factors, however, should be carefully considered in order to determine whether medical attention is warranted.MisconceptionsHa... Read More »