What does it mean when a boyfriend calls his girlfriend's brother his brother in law?

Answer The plural form of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law". Awkwardly enough, the plural possessive of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law's".Consider these examples:I have four brothers-in-law.Anne... Read More »

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Would my brother-in-law's brother also be considered my brother-in-law?

One answer: No. William and Alice are married. William and Carol are siblings. Alice and Frank are siblings. Carol is Alice's sister in law. Frank is William's brother in law. Carol and Frank are... Read More »

My brother is mean what do i do?

If your brother makes fun of you, either laugh or ignore. His goal is to make you angry, he wants you to be angry and yell. If you yell or show action he will do more and laugh and get happier. I h... Read More »

How do you get rid of a mean brother who punches you a lot?

How can you be mean to your brother?

Well, i think that maybe let this one pass, because trust me that is not the worst that he could of said to you. My Brother has called me some nasty names. when he starts saying worse stuff that is... Read More »