Why is my brother sexist?

Answer Because he's a guy He's not serious, he's joking A lot of guys have been making sexist remarks in the past months, don't take it seriously, he's only kidding around. The above answer is nonsense... Read More »

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How to Be a Feminist Without Acting Sexist Against Men?

Feminism is mainly a concept espousing equality, but a few feminists have spearheaded a supremacist, matriarchist movement. These often speak louder than the rest, so you must be on your best behav... Read More »

Would my brother-in-law's brother also be considered my brother-in-law?

One answer: No. William and Alice are married. William and Carol are siblings. Alice and Frank are siblings. Carol is Alice's sister in law. Frank is William's brother in law. Carol and Frank are... Read More »