Why do my astras hazards keep clicking when the ignition is off and when the ignition is on there is a clicking sound?

Answer No, he was a sergeant in the Air Force.Source:

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Is .127 on a breathalyzer drunk?

As of 2010, all states consider a person with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least 0.08 percent alcohol as legally drunk, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.Source:Insuran... Read More »

Who invented the breathalyzer?

A former police captain and active professor of the University of Indiana, Dr. Robert Borkenstein, created the first legally accepted alcohol testing device in 1954. Rolla Harger, also a professor ... Read More »

Can a breathalyzer be wrong?

On One Hand: Breathalyzers are Primarily ReliableBreathalyzers test air from deep in the lungs to gauge whether or not a person's blood alcohol level is higher than the legal limits for motorists. ... Read More »

What Is a Breathalyzer Level of .147?

A breathalyzer is a device that determines blood alcohol content (BAC) by measuring the amount of ethanol in the breath. Alcohol from your blood stream turns into ethanol vapor in your lungs.