How can i get dick transplant my dick is to small what can i do to have bigger dick?


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Is it illegal for my boyfriend to show me his dick over kik messager or skype?

No, but it's against the terms of service agreement.Why don't you just do that In person?

Can a father win primary placement in Wisconsin based on mother's instability such as moving from home to home job to job boyfriend to boyfriend etc?

Answer Absolutely. I did it, based on those factors primarily. However, it does depend on many other factors. I would recommend trying to work with the other parent first. Failing that, you are b... Read More »

After Dick York's illness he was replaced on Bewitched by Dick Sargent What role did they both play?

Darrin StephensABC aired episodes with limited screen time from Dick York, during the summer of 1969. When the new episodes with Dick Sargent began to air, some viewers didn't notice the change at ... Read More »

How do you and your boyfriend tell his parents that you are having a baby in such a way as they will understand how much you want it?

AnswerYou two need to get your parents together and tell them at the same time. Like over dinner or something like that. They should know that you want to keep your child. Good luck and God Bless:)