How to Ignore Your Mean Ex Boyfriend?

Answer Break ups hurt a lot of people but sometimes when you end the relationship, the partner turns on you and tries to ruin your life. Don't worry, I've been there and this is how I got out of it.

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How to Deal With a Boyfriend Who Is Mean when Angry?

Your boyfriend might be Mr. Right, but when he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, he's like the Grouch. Here is how to deal with him and maybe even get him to stop.

My Boyfriend Has It!... Does That Mean I Could Have It Also!?

no you wont get it if you have had the MMR, has your boyfriend seen his doctor because it can be a very bad illness to have if your a man, take a look hereâ... Read More »

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't put you as his girlfriend on Facebook?

wow, relax. It's just facebook, he doesn't have to announce his life to the whole world

You are a 16 year old girl your boyfriend came in you twice does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer That can only be determined if you were ovulating but at that age you should be having sex and if you do use protection