Why is my boxer coughing when he's never around other dogs?

Answer Boxers don't necessarily cough because they have a cold or any other contagious ailment. When taking your boxer to see a veterinarian, according to Ron Hines, DVM, PhD, many questions may arise in ... Read More »

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Hemangiosarcoma & Coughing in Dogs?

Hemangiosarcomas are also called mast cell tumors or mastocytomas. This kind of cancer affects the cells that line the blood vessels. The symptoms and treatment vary depending upon the location and... Read More »

Antitussives for Coughing in Dogs?

Veterinarians often give antitussive medications to dogs that suffer from conditions that cause severe or intense coughing. These medications work by suppressing the cough centers that are located ... Read More »

What do boxer dogs eat?

A boxer dog's diet should consist of high quality dog food. His food should not be made up of mostly corn and wheat, which are difficult for a boxer dog to digest. Food purchased should be high in ... Read More »

Why are boxer dogs so protective?

The boxer breed has become the ideal family pet. With a very broad line of ancestry, along with selective breeding, the boxer has changed drastically from the first boxer dogs ever bred. However, p... Read More »