Why is my arrow blinking?

Answer It's because you're having a bad day, bro. Use my advice from your other question and it will stop.

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What does the blinking yellow arrow on the traffic light mean?

It means that you may make the indicated turn on a permissive basis, after yielding to conflicting vehicles and pedestrians. This is usually the same as turning on the circular green, but the flash... Read More »

The Difference Between the White Arrow & the Black Arrow on InDesign?

When laying out documents in InDesign, a large portion of time is spent positioning, resizing, and reshaping text and graphics. The content, text or graphics, are placed inside text frames or bound... Read More »

Why am I blinking loads Rapid Blinking...?

well...many possibilities. might be time for an eye doc visit. off the top of my head this could be: allergies (COMMON in children)dryness (uncommon in children)keratitis (unlikely)systemic infla... Read More »

Why do I keep blinking?

It could be stress - even if you don't know it. People tend to blink more when in a situation that they're not used to. Your mum just may have unintentionally made things worse.Or it could be that... Read More »