Why is my arm sore after I fell on it?

Answer Because you hurt it. You can get it checked out to make sure it is not broke.

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My baby tooth fell out after 1 day of it being loose.... Is that bad And why after 1 day?

RELAX nothing is wrong with your tooth!all my milk teeth are out now and i actually had a problem:they always take forever to fall out!your permanent tooth shall soon grow out and you are actually ... Read More »

What is wrong with you if you fell on your elbow now it is really really sore?

look for any signs dark spots usually are from internal damage it can just be a sprained muscle or tendon...i fell from a tree and landed straight on my elbow 12-16 feet and i thought it was broken... Read More »

How long after you fell pregnant did you continue to TTC?

My husband is still asking why our "nephew" is at our place every night.

My knee is still numb after i fell on it 2 weeks ago?

You could possibly have nerve damage from the injury. My friend got operation on her foot a while back and she still has numbness in one of her toes. So get it checked out, only a doctor can give ... Read More »