Why is my Zenith Front Surround TV's color so bad now?

Answer Judging by at least one of your settings ie the contrast should never be on full to the right so if I was you I would set the tv back to factory settings and start again from scratch adjusting each... Read More »

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How to Set a Zenith Projection TV to the Factory Color Setting?

As with all televisions, your Zenith projection TV comes with adjustable color settings to adjust the screen to your liking. These settings include tint, brightness and temperature. If you adjusted... Read More »

What is the gas that escapes from the picture tube of a 1986 Zenith color T.V.?

Picture tubes have negative pressure - so if you heard / felt gas it was the picture tube inhaling the air from its surroundings. There is residual gas inside those picture tubes because they are ... Read More »

7.1 surround from front?

Have you ever thought about using the 5.1 set-up until you get the space to hook up a 7.1 set-up. Just leave the Back Surround[s] out you will still get the sound field from the Side Surrounds, y... Read More »

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