Why is my Toshiba tablet running hot?

Answer Compact computers like the Toshiba laptop and tablet PCs are often more prone to overheating than desktop computers due to a variety of factors, including their small size, less-efficient hardware ... Read More »

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I have a toshiba HDDVD, sharp 46" aqous, HK 445 bell 6120 (comp running to tv) best hook up is what?

check out the slingbox, its the best out there

Where i can get Tablet parts in Mumbai,i want to assemble my own config Andriod tablet?

If you know hardware knowledge and you have some different machine then you make tablet.But this is so costly to make only one peace, you are not able to purchase from and shop because of this part... Read More »

Which sleeping tablet the best tablet to commit suicide without pain?

I am 12 science student i want to buy a Tablet between 5000₹-6500₹ which tablet will be best for me?

I personally think tablets suck. Just buy a big phone anyways you will always find mix reviews of all tablets. So just visit snapdeal or look it up buy it with cash on delivery.