Why is my Ram under 1GB?

Answer it is the way that is is registered but you still have 1 gig

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Why has my cream wool carpet have yellowmarks under the furniture and under rug?

If the spots are small, you can remove them with shaving cream. Any brand works as long as it's the typical white foamy shaving cream. Just dampen the stains and work shaving cream into them. Th... Read More »

Is it illegal to have purple under glow lights under your car in the state of Florida?

The state of Florida does not allow any neon lights to be displayed under a motor vehicle. Lights around the license plate, as well as any extra lights that alter the original car design, are also ... Read More »

Why Do Plants Grown Under Blue Light Grow Taller Than Under Red & Green Lights?

Plants are amazing examples of evolutionary adaptation and there's no doubt about that. Over the eons, for example, plants have been able to learn how to use specific colors within visible light to... Read More »

Are you supposed to wear under wear under under armour?

It's not dumb but some people do some people don't i perfer to wear them but some people think it feels better but it seems leggit to wear it