Why is my PC such a boring jerk?

Answer Macs are the herion-addicted spawn of George W Bush and Tony Blair.--Shinigami Ceiling Cat

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Why am I such a boring person when I'm not drinking?

Your probably not boring, your just shy. But when you drink your not insecure, and u feel good about yourself.

Why do Sound Reinforcement Subwoofers have such low excursion, but put out such high SPL at low frequencies?

The simple answer is that the larger the speaker's surface area, the shorter the excursion it need make to produce a really low note.

Is there someplace in text format the blueprint videos for the minute to win it challenges where the lady says things like in this challenge players must do such and such?

How to Do the Jerk?

So you know how everyone is doing this dance all the time and everyone you know knows how but you can't?