Why is my Facebook page popping up on OTHER sites when I'm not even signed in!?

Answer Delete cookies from your browser and make sure you are logged out. You could also, if you have Firefox, download the DNT or Ghostery extensions to keep website from tracking you.

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How does Facebook site becomes a world popular When there is so many other social sites?

A good question JE SuisOK, the first thing at all and a biggest thing is hacking,Facebook is very secured so that hacking is lower than other social networking sitesThan, Facebook offers many type ... Read More »

Why are my questions and user name being reflected on many other sites They make it look like I signed up too?

On your YA page click on edit my info.Scroll down to share my info & change it to do not share my info & it will stop.Many Blessings!EDIT:Go to the new YA profile that replaced 360.Click on manage ... Read More »

Does any one on here prefer facebook to the other sites?

yes i do.i have to say i dont have a bebo account but several teenagers i know (friends daughters and my sis) have and i think thats more 4 the younger 1s or it should be.and i have had a myspace a... Read More »

What other sites are there besides Facebook and Myspace?