Why is my DVD movies looks clearer on my TV compared to my computer?

Answer Yea, I don't agree with any of the above answers.I happen to believe that even older video cards can keep up with even the best stand alone DVD players, but that's another argument...As far as the ... Read More »

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Don't you just think the sky looks much clearer?

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Is the canon s5 is really 36-432mm Because when compared with lenses like an slr lens at 200mm the size of the image looks the same.?

I have both, two sets of Kodak rechargeable HR6 1600mAh, Ni-MH cells and two sets of Digicell 3200mAh Ni-MH cells. The both give good results commensurate with their rated capacities, although the... Read More »

How powerful is the PS3 compared to a computer?

On One Hand: The PS3 performed well when it first came outThe PlayStation 3 came out in 2006. Its central processing unit contains a single core that runs at 3.2GHz. The most recent generation of P... Read More »

Why doesn't Blu-Ray movies look as good as it looks at Best Buy's displays?

I would not be surprised if they had some sort of anti-blur turned on. This type of effect is only on LCD displays as a way to reduce the motion blur due to slow lcd response. Since you have a pl... Read More »