Why is my Anti-Virus blocking my malwarebytes from scanning?

Answer scared to answer this...but im scared not to...lolwhat do i do

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What is the best free anti-virus avast,avg,malwarebytes anti-malware or cyberdefender need answer quick?

A V A S T is the way to go. Its free and you can even register 1 full year for free.Just install it and forget all the other anti-virus program. Once it is installed, select BOOT SCAN and let it s... Read More »

Malwarebytes wont detect " anti virus soft" virus, how do i get rid of it?

dear, have you updated the Malware Database? if you have not, then updating it asap will fix your issues i believe.If you have but are not being able to get rid of the issue, i suggest Bit Defender... Read More »

How to Delete Personal Anti Virus Using MalWareBytes?

Personal Anti-virus is a rogue anti-virus. It displays false threats saying that your computer has a virus and you need to buy their product to get rid of it. It is fake and will try to steal your ... Read More »

Help pls- installed AVG Anti virus and antispyware and scanning done many times; pop up blocker also turned ?

Unlike typical pop-ups (stopped with available blockers) 3rd party cookies are entirely different critters. When PC's (personal confusers) misbehave, like pop-up's, going to unrequested sites, goo... Read More »