Why is my Android screen a greenish blue color?

Answer Is your phone screen problem, i bet that.need repair on your phone, since is a slide phone, most probably is the "ribbon" in the phone has something wrong and need to change a new one.

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Computer screen goes from light & bright to greenish color?

It's definatly the screen.Magnets near the screen will cause a flicker not a change in colour. If you move the data cable around an dthe colour comes right then its the data cable, if not then read... Read More »

What does the blue led color on Android mean?

The blue LED is probably not Android per se, but a third party -- likely through an app."Android allows third party applications to control the multi-color LED and utilize other colors. Facebook fo... Read More »

How do you fix my android tablet and the screen is just blue or black most of the time and i dont know what to do?

First, save the emulator .apk file to the sd card, and the relevant rom file to the sd card (make sure it's unzipped). Use file manager on the phone to select the .apk file and install it. Then ope... Read More »

Printer's greenish blue colour?

there are so many people asking questions regarding with the greenish color. Actually, if you will buy cartridge for the printer and found out it is only Cyan. I think it's not pretty hard to find ... Read More »