Why is my 2 Year old Toshiba laptop battery life short?

Answer All batteries are like this. Dell only warranties their laptop batteries for one year, regardless of the computer's warranty (if you purchase a 3-year extended warranty then the battery is still o... Read More »

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Toshiba Laptop battery help!?

Most likely your battery is worn out. Laptop batteries gradually lose their capacity to store energy over time and will eventually stop working entirely. Its time to replace a new battery or simply... Read More »

Where is the CMOS battery in a Toshiba laptop?

The CMOS battery in Toshiba laptops is located on the motherboard, which is accessible by removing the keyboard. This battery provides electricity to store system settings in the event of a power f... Read More »

Will a Toshiba laptop work without a battery?

Toshiba laptops use electrical energy, usually from a power outlet or a well-charged battery. You can take the battery out, but you still need to connect the power cable to a live outlet.References... Read More »

What battery can be used in a Toshiba A65-S1762 laptop?

A replacement battery for a Toshiba A65-S1762 laptop would be the Lilon, 14.8V, 6600mAh battery, according to Shop For Battery is the manufacturer of the product and the price runs about $... Read More »