Why is most cheese not kosher?

Answer Non-kosher cheese isn't kosher for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason being the use of lipase and/or rennet. Both of these enzymes are animal based and often come from pigs.The other re... Read More »

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Why Is Blue Cheese Kosher?

Blue cheese is renowned for its creamy texture, pungent flavor and distinctive blue-green veined appearance. Kosher blue cheese is like any other blue cheese, except that it must be derived from ko... Read More »

Can you cook cheese&meat&be kosher?

Kosher--or kashrut--refers to Jewish laws for food and food preparation. Kosher laws restrict eating and cooking meat and dairy together. Meat and dairy cannot be eaten at the same meal, so cooking... Read More »

Are kraft blue cheese crumbles kosher?

Kraft blue cheese crumbles are not certified kosher by any rabbinical agency. Unless the cheese is made by a Jewish individual or company who ensures all utensils and ingredients are kosher, it can... Read More »

Kosher ! What exactly, makes food "kosher" for Jewish people What do they eat,say, while on the road ?

Kosher food is generally easy to find, with the exception of kosher meat. Many of us who keep strictly kosher will take packaged meals with them (yes, they exist--they're even self-heating) but ge... Read More »