Why is mom doing this?

Answer You're husband may not necessarily have the down syndrome allele. Also the only way you would have a special needs baby is if you also have the recessive (down syndrome) allele. Here are the chance... Read More »

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I know another mom has just done this...are you doing this too?

How illegal is this and can I get in trouble for doing this?

it depends on which store you return it to.. I think I'd see if walmart has the same product and buy it from there they dont check anything just make sure that its in the box. I think that the last... Read More »

Is this my period doing this?

Yeah, that's probably your period. I get ridiculously, unbelievably depressed on mine, it's different for everyone, some of us are just unlucky. There's not much you can do to stop it, just try and... Read More »

Why is my son doing this?

Don't worry, he will not suck it off... However, you should take the time to talk to him about less drastic masturbation methods...