Why is milk important for babies?

Answer it helps their bones grow strong and it gives them a good souce of calcium.

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Can you use Evaporated milk for babies?

yes i used evaporated milk for my son whom is now 24 . he gained an average of over a lb a week and was a healthy big and still healthy to this day. now the proud father of a 2 week old and would l... Read More »

What is the best milk for new born babies?

Mother Milk is the best milk for new born babies:-)

Is milk important for teenagers?

Yes milk is very important to teenagers. you are growing right now and you want strong bones. you dont want osteoperosis when you get older. however water is very important to. i would say it is mo... Read More »

Is sour milk dangerous for babies?

It could be. A baby's digestive system might not be able to handle the bacteria. Talk to your doctor.