Why is losing weight so hard?

Answer Because it's so much easier to get fattening foods than it is to burn them off. Our body does everything it can to keep fat cells, probably derivative of ancient times when food could be scarce at ... Read More »

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Tips on Losing weight...Especially belly weight?

1. Start exercising! You need to exercise EVERY day! I highly suggest a video workout called p90x. It is very popular. If you use it you need to mainly do:Core, abs, yoga, kenpo and cardio. The res... Read More »

For all of you out there wanting to know what to exactly eat while losing weight and weight training :)?

This is a fantastic list, great work. It will be a huge benefit to many people.Al

Why am I losing so much weight?

120 pounds?? thats a little underweight.i would eat more protein, healthy protein. more fish,chicken,nuts etc.. incorporate this in your diet and you will gain lean muscle!!

Is this losing weight?

No , losing weight is about decrease calories intake ,you should eat less and go to gym , anything else won't help