Why is liquid oxygen so hazardous?

Answer Oxygen is a necessary element for human survival, but in its super-cooled liquid form, it can only be produced, used and handled by trained professionals for scientific or industrial use.Extreme Co... Read More »

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Why Is Liquid Oxygen a Hazardous Material?

In its natural state, oxygen is a gas; it must be compressed to be in a liquid form. This liquid is highly volatile--if it escapes its container, it can cause serious burns, and near flame it will ... Read More »

How cold is liquid oxygen?

Oxygen, usually found as a gas, turns to liquid when it gets cooled below -297.4 degrees Fahrenheit. As a gas, oxygen is colorless. In its liquid state, oxygen turns blue and becomes highly flammab... Read More »

How is liquid oxygen made?

Producers of liquid oxygen, a substance with uses ranging from aerospace to health care, subject air to extraordinarily cold temperatures to condense and distill the substance from the air.Liquid O... Read More »

How to Use a Liquid Oxygen Tank Air Gas?

Oxygen placed under extremely cold temperatures turns into liquid oxygen. In a liquid state, oxygen can then be stored in a specialized tank. When the liquid oxygen is warmed in the tank, it transf... Read More »