Why is lighting used in films?

Answer Filmmaking is a process that requires a wide range of talents and craftsmanship to create something that looks good and makes people want to watch, requiring more than simply pointing a camera and ... Read More »

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What are the difference in the cameras used in bollywood films and Hollywood films?

I be been to one of the shootings in India the cameraman said the cost of the camera is 1 crore were as the ones used in Hollywood is 10 crores (panavision genisis) , though slowly now they are swi... Read More »

Why are dogs the only animals used in films?

Dogs are the most used because they're the most relatable and trainable. We can generally connect with dogs better than other animals. They're very interactive and display emotions very much like o... Read More »

Special Effects Software Used in Films?

Special effects, also known as visual effects, are used on television and in films to enhance the visual appeal or make action more realistic. According to, early special effects were ... Read More »

Can aquarium lighting be used for reptiles?

Aquarium lighting is appropriate to use for reptile care as long as a full spectrum fluorescent bulb or UV-B light is used. This type of lighting provides reptiles with the vitamins needed for good... Read More »