Why is language development important to a child?

Answer According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), language development is important in babies and children because language is used as a tool to communicate... Read More »

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Child Language Acquisition Development?

We are born with an ability to learn speech and language, and have a need to communicate as social beings. However, the environment we grow up in has a tremendous impact on how our speech and lang... Read More »

How to Expand Language Development in Child Care Settings?

Up to the age of seven or eight children are very perceptive to learning new words. That gradually changes as they get older and because of this it is important to have a very hands on approach wit... Read More »

Why its important for the practitioner to support the emotional development of babies, children or young child?

So the child knows that adults care about their emotional well-being.It makes the children feel a lot more secure and safe in the setting.Support should be offered when a child shows a variety of e... Read More »

Why is it important for children and young people's learning and development and how can the child care practittioner contribute to planning?

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