Why is la Dra. Nancy Alvarez no longer hosting Quien tiené Razón?

Answer Dra Nancy did not renew her contract, they mistreated the talent in Univision, hershow was the one that was abused the most, changing it around to take advantage of its ratings to benefit other pro... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the last name Alvarez?

"Alvarez" is a Spanish and Portuguese last name that has ancient Germanic origins according to The Internet Surname Database. The name is made up of two different parts, with "all" meaning "the peo... Read More »

What is the history of the last name Alvarez?

According to Surname Database, Alvarez is of Spanish and Portuguese origins and was handed down from ancient German tribes called Goths or Vizigoths. Also spelled Alvares, Alvar, Alvaro, Alves and ... Read More »

Who manufactures alvarez guitars?

Alvarez Guitars are produced by Alvarez Instruments, a division of LOUD Technologies Inc. Each guitar is manufactured in the Alvarez Guitar Shop in St. Louis, Missouri, along with mandolins and ban... Read More »