Why is kudzu helpful?

Answer That kudzu [Pueraria lobata] enriches the soil, provides ground cover, and serves as a nutritious food source are three ways that many identify as to how the plant is helpful. Specifically, kudzu s... Read More »

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How to Kill Kudzu?

Kudzu is an aggressive vine that has the ability to grow a foot a day and smother everything in its path. This native of Asia is a legume and was introduced to the United States in 1876. The vine g... Read More »

How to Identify Kudzu?

Kudzu is a plant that is native to Japan, but very prevalent in the southern United States due to its importation as a ground cover in the 19th century. Kudzu is a vine that is noted for its incred... Read More »

How do you kill kudzu?

AnswerAny plant will be damaged or die off when sprayed with an herbicide, such as glycophosphate (ex: brand name of Roundup). It must be isolated from other plants that you want to keep; a piece o... Read More »

Why was kudzu used?

Kudzu was thought to be a good bankholder, against soil erosion. For it's a legume, which is a nitrogen-fixing plant. Nitrogen is one of the most common elements above and below ground. But it isn'... Read More »