Why is kobe beef so expensive?

Answer For many red meat lovers, the Holy Grail of all is Kobe beef. It is extremely tender and flavorful, which is why its devotees say it tastes like butter. Kobe is also very expensive, with prices in ... Read More »

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What is kobe beef ?

Kobe beef traditionally comes from Wagyu cattle in Japan. Considered several grades above USDA Prime, Kobe beef features heavy marbling and remarkable tenderness. When exportation from Japan was fo... Read More »

Where did kobe beef come from?

Kobe beef is a gourmet meat that comes from Japanese Waygu cattle, a breed that dates back to second century Japan and the cultivation of rice.OriginsKobe beef comes from Japan. The Japanese Waygu ... Read More »

Why is kobe beef marbled?

The marbling in kobe beef is fat. Some cattle inherit a tendency to produce fatty, richly marbled meat. High-calorie diet and lack of exercise encourage this marbling in pampered cattle.Kobe beef d... Read More »

What is a Kobe beef steak?

Kobe beef is considered the best beef in the world, and has a high price tag. You won't find Kobe beef at your run-of-the-mill supermarket; only specialty shops and top restaurants carry the prized... Read More »