Why is it when i install from it slows my pc?

Answer install 1 program at a time and reboot each time. time consuming process but it will narrow down what is slowing your pc. could also check task manager (ctrl+alt+del) to see what process is using... Read More »

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Heart speeds up when I breathe in and slows down when I breath out?

that's totally normal. here's an explanation of why it happens:…

My heart skips and slows when I drink water?

Sit and drink water, you must drink slowly and see that water is not too cold. You must drink in 3 sips.

Where should I invest my money when the economy slows?

Making investment decisions is difficult in a slow economy. According to Consumer Reports, creating an "all-weather" investment portfolio provides the ability to handle the ups and downs of the mar... Read More »

How come my internet slows down when my cell phone rings?

The symptoms you describe sound impossible. If your computer is connected to the network with a wire, there should be no possibility of interference with a cell phone. Are you certain it's not just... Read More »