Why is it when i install from it slows my pc?

Answer install 1 program at a time and reboot each time. time consuming process but it will narrow down what is slowing your pc. could also check task manager (ctrl+alt+del) to see what process is using... Read More »

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What really slows down your PC?

basically mate in my opinion memory is the only realistic way to improve your p.c,s overall speed,and obviosly a decent processor and with todays software a dual core cpu is best such as the core 2... Read More »

What Slows Down a Laptop Over Time?

It is normal for laptop computers to slow down over a period of time and various factors cause this. Regular maintenance of your programs and operating system can help to keep your computer running... Read More »

What slows dowm my computer?

Spyware, virus? You may also need to defragment hardrive & clean out temp folders etc. Remove any unwanted programs.Try these free programs. Run full scans with adaware, spybot, and avg, then remov... Read More »

Does music slows down your iPhone 4S?

I'll bet she does and if not I'm shore she has a iphone if not a iphone 4s