Why is it when a city bus stops at a railroad crossing it always opens the door to see if a train is coming?

Answer Because the law says, "Stop, look, and listen". They stop in advance of the crossing, open the door to listen for a train whistle (you have to remember, a loaded bus is noisy as hell), and look dow... Read More »

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Why do buses stop AND open the door before crossing every railroad track?

I drive A bus for a living,and these are the reasons why:We need to make sure that their are no trains coming down the line.We open the door because sometimes the passengers are making a lot of noi... Read More »

Railroad crossing help?

You do NOT lock up, railroads want you off the track there is nothing, absolutely nothing that stops your car on the tracks. What oftentimes happens is people either panic and kill the engine or mi... Read More »

How to Cross a Railroad Crossing?

Half of all auto-train collisions occur at road grade crossings that have gates, lights, bells and signs! Further, half of those collisions occur because the driver either ignores or doesn't see lo... Read More »

How do the arms at a railroad crossing know when to go down?

Not a stupid question at all! :o) The short answer is that a train will trigger an electrical circuit (by completing it in electrician's terms) in the track which then sets off the crossing light... Read More »