Why is it unsafe to douche during pregnancy?

Answer Because the chemicals (even just vinegar and water) in the douche and even the force of the liquid can harm the developing fetus.

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Is it unsafe to have general anaesthetic in early pregnancy?

The doctor who wishes to give you the general anesthesia will be the best judge of that, though a second opinion may be sought, of course.

What is the safe time for unsafe intercourse to avoid pregnancy?

AnswerThis question has been answered several times....During your period is the safest. Next safest is no more than 5 days after the end of your period with each day past the end of your period be... Read More »

Girls do i look like a douche?

You definetly have some potential you are gorgeous and buff, this might sound harsh but stop fixing your eyebrows! Ugh I don't know why but I hate thin *** eyebrows on guys!! it's deff a turn off, ... Read More »

What is a betadine douche?

Betadine douche is able to kill minor bacteria that causes minor itching and vaginal irritation. It is important to check with your doctor before using betadine douche because it can have adverse a... Read More »