Why is it that when women lose weight that one of the first areas to go is?

Answer I dont need to lose weight Steve, and being a Gym Instuctor keeps me from having bat wing arms too......x

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Do guys really lose weight faster and easier than women Why is that?

Yes. Men do typically lose weight faster and easier than women. This phenomenon is due to a man's on average higher metabolism. A man's higher metabolism comes from a typically higher muscle mas... Read More »

What are the most common areas of the body that you gain weight when pregnant?

Answer Pregnant women put on weight around the hips and thighs to provide nourishment for the newborn. They also put on weight on the breasts of course but this will go when you stop breastfeeding... Read More »

What show episode is about a woman that tries to lose weight with glasses that makes her food come to life and talk to her thus making her starve to death?

Can you lose weight when first pregnant?

Answer Eat a high protein, low sugar low starch diet and it should be ok. You still need good nutrition for the fetus but if you get enough protein it should be ok, but if you have any questions, ... Read More »