Why is it that when someone calls, and you call the number back, it says the number is no longer in service?

Answer Right, they're changing (or adding their own) Calling Line ID (CLI). I think the law was changed to say that they're (telemarketers, etc) supposed to have something there, they are putting somethi... Read More »

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If someone calls you private, how can you get their number or call it back Thanks.?

Don't know if it still works, but *69 used to give you the number of last incoming call.ADD: Just looked up Bell Star Codes:*57 Traces incoming call*69 Returns last incoming call*77 Blocks Anonymu... Read More »

When someone calls you and you dont know who it is so you call the phone number right back how can it be?

Now days caller-id really can't be trusted to show a valid number from which the call originated from. If you recognize a number and know the preson it belongs to, it is probably for real. But, f... Read More »

If some one just called me from a private number how do i get a call back number?

Is Military serial number same as service number or selective service number?

Go to the National Archives website in the related link below and click on the link for "Launch the eVetRecs System to start your request Online." Being the child of the Vet, you can process the r... Read More »